Lyrics from “A Little Luck”


I’m falling through the ceiling, man, I’m back here again.
I’m not sure what I want more: to be you or your girlfriend.
But I’m breathing in your lyrics and I’m standing in the rain.
Howling from the back row, I’m singing out your pain.

Well it’s summer.
I’m at your show again.
Time moves easily.
And I dream in a melody.
In summer
I feel alive again.
I move without a little shove
And the heat feels like love.

Jessica, she says, “Hey, Adam’s chunky again.”
We always loved you more like this
’cause you seem like our friend.
Looking like a rock star – it means nothing to us.
We’re true believers with a 25-year crush.


Miriam, she says, “He’s like a Hebrew school misfit.”
And we picture you like we were, trying hard just to exist. Yeah.
It feels so real to us, like a buried memory.
And then it all crashes and we’re lost in reverie.

I don’t know where I’d be
If I didn’t live with them, they’re songs swirling.
I don’t know ’cause what I want is always fading,
Never sure of what I’m making, I’m just standing here shaking.


Look up girls, I say, “Those clouds are coming so near.”
Then we hear your voice break and it brings us to tears.
I say, “It’s gonna rain and I fear Jones Beach will wash away.”
Summer’s almost gone. We’re not kids anyway.


Secret Girl

You don’t seem to understand
The situation that we’re in.
Holding my hand on seventh street
And dropping it on Lexington
People know more than you think they do.
They can see it in our eyes.
Got a good thing going in the dark.
Our silence bides us time.

I should be your secret girl
Spending time in your secret world
Just tryin’ to have a little fun
Ain’t tryin’ to be your number one.

Was simpler back when we were friends
Feeling safe in our flirtation.
Guilt didn’t hound our every move.
Could be myself; no reservations.
I’d hang on your every word
Your drunken tales. My little fables.
Wanted you more than I let on.
Wouldn’t say no to you. I wasn’t able.


I wonder when I became so mean
So little and thoughtless I could scream
Can’t be kept, I’m sure you know
I’m touched that you want me
It’d be better if I go.

Knowing looks, we’re thick as thieves,
Conspirators, kept undercover.
We can’t get too comfortable
Looking over each other’s shoulders
But every time you take my arm
And promise me we’ll make this work.
You say, pleasure shouldn’t cause alarm.
And what she doesn’t know won’t hurt.


Dragging You Along

I’m in a kinda panic that I’ve taken you for granted
And I know that you might feel a bit misled
But I love you beyond meaning and this isn’t what it’s seeming
I just can’t seem to get out of my head.
When I met you I was stable, competent, and able
The kind of girl you bring home to your mom.
But lately I’ve been feeling like I’m having trouble dealing
And I hate that I’ve been dragging you along.

Can’t you see
You mean more than the moon and stars to me?
If you listen hard you’ll hear what I can’t say
But I appreciate you loving me this way

Still get dressed in the morning, singing songs as they are forming
But these little tunes have become so distracting.
It’s a problem that I’m solving though I seem to be devolving
And I hate to think of how I’ve been acting.
There’s a pressure that I’m under when the words come like thunder
And the melodies fall softly into song.
Oh, I know I’ve been quite mental, but please, honey, be gentle.
I still hate that I’ve been dragging you along.


Someday there’ll just be embers of the fires we remember
And now will be like seconds, nothing more.
So can you help me through it? Don’t tell me that I blew it.
Leave me here but never close the door.
Haven’t seen me much lately, though you take it so sedately
You know you’re always where I belong.
So don’t ever doubt my love; you’re still the one I’m dreaming of.
But I hate that I’ve been dragging you along.


© Golda Schein 2017. All rights reserved.

The Hunter and the Deer

I tell myself it’s over. You’re not good for me. I know.
But I forget again and again and now I’m driving through the snow.
Can see these barren trees by day, but at night they disappear.
I thought that I would lead the way and draw you out of here.
And yet I feel like I’m the prey: you’re the forest, I’m the deer.

This affair is so uncivilized and I want to be unbound.
I tell myself it’s time to leave just as you come back around.
Your good time is for lunatics. It’s bedlam when you’re near.
But this power you have over me as you whisper in my ear —
It can stop me in my tracks to see: you’re the headlights, I’m the deer.

I thought I had you all wrapped up around my little finger.
I thought that I would count you in — you’re the band, and I’m the singer.
But my friends all say that it’s so clear you’ve played this game before.
And I’d be a fool to let you in when you’re prowling ’round my door.

There’s a pleasure in this weariness that wraps around each morning.
But my better angels tell me that they’ve given me fair warning.
I’m caught up in your little traps but I never shed a tear.
I know these feet can run so fast and these hands know how to steer.
But I’m no match for what you’ve got: you’re the hunter, I’m the deer.

A Little Luck

I know that something weird’s going on ’cause I’ve been walking around
With relics in my pocket, like a pilgrim’s lost and found.
These bits of bone and sinew can’t help me anyway.
But I thought that with a little luck they might just make you stay.

But you don’t love me like you used to and I wish it weren’t so.
I don’t have you like I used to and I need to let you go.
Can’t be waiting for the day when you decide to stay.
You don’t love me like you used to and it’s time I made my way.

It feels like there’s an earthquake coming though I think with a little force
I can stop the ground from shifting down and changing up my course.
And though the crust is clearly crumbling and the towers are at my feet
I still think with a little luck you’re coming back to me.


Whenever I reach out to you you still come on command.
But every time you go I feel like I don’t know where I stand.
Can’t tell if it’s in the end for us or it’s the end for me.
But I hope that with a little luck you might just set me free.


Some good fortune would be fine but it turns upon a dime
And it turns again in kind.
A little luck won’t do no harm feels like calm inside the storm
But it never last for long.

I Come Alive

I try to focus on each task
So at work they never ask
Where my mind has been all day.
(It wanders back to you this way.)
It’s a common enough condition —
Spending hours hoping and wishing.
Feels a little self destructive —
But this feeling’s so seductive.

I come alive when I’m with you
Even though I’m not supposed to.
Won’t depend on it or you.
I come alive when I’m with you.

If I had a different look
Would that be what it took?
If I knew what to say, knew how to act
Would this dream become a fact?
And if I floated like a feather
If I got my act together
If I made myself just right
Would you stay with me tonight?


Draw a picture for me, babe.
Sculpt me out of mud and clay.
Sing a song (don’t sing too fast).
Somehow I know that this won’t last.

I know I play at being cheery
But I’m broken down and weary.
I’m no good at being strong.
I stretch these moments out too long.
Please don’t hear my beating heart.
Please don’t see my wounds and scars.
Please don’t say you’re sorry, dear.
It hurts a little to be this near.


The Waves

We’re floating once again as the waves keep crashing in.
Enveloped by the ocean and the beach’s happy din.
I’d gladly spend the week with you if that’s what you’re askin’.
And tonight we’ll roll in bed with the waves under our skin.

Oh when I go to sleep tonight I’ll feel the waves, feel the waves.
Oh dreaming as you hold me tight I’ll feel the waves, feel the waves.
The ocean rocks me just like this I feel the waves, feel the waves.
I never want to lose this bliss.

You say I’m good at frolicking, but you don’t know the half.
Been in love with the Atlantic since I was knee-high to your calf.
And I’d gladly paddle out with you on the flimsiest of rafts.
If you promised we could stay here never turn ’round and go back.


It feels a little silly to be this much in love.
Drank enough sangria to fill our hotel tub.
And I’d gladly smoke a joint with you behind these dunes and scrub.
Though it’s clear that you’ve become my very favorite drug.


Well, every adventure meets its end.
And I’d like to think we’ll come here again.
But what I know for sure is we’ll always have
These memories written in the sand.

The summer’s slipping by. I’m so glad we found this place.
It’s our consolation prize for losing the rat race.
And I’d gladly take this undertow and the sunlight on your face
For the subway’s rumbling moan and our frantic city pace.