Singer/songwriter, Golda, knows how to find the sweet spot in the saddest moments. Her emotionally moving lyrics and smooth alto voice find the perfect home in the Americana roots that nourish her songs. Golda aims to comfort, connect, and inspire.

Her last album, A Little Luck (released in May, 2017), took listeners on a journey from heartbreak to new-found love, with a willingness to approach traditional musical themes from non-traditional angles. This was her debut into the NYC music scene, where she’s been compared to Joan Osborne, Jenny Lewis & Lucinda Williams.  She’s performed at notable venues such as Sidewalk Cafe and the Delancey and as part of the popular Astoria, Queens music festival – Between Two Bridges.

Her next project, “Be My Satellite”, due out in late Spring, will be her first full-length album where she explores more of these same themes of love and loss, along with finding your way in the world when you don’t fit a certain ideal.

“Fat positivity and body positivity really mean a lot to me. They frame the way I see the world. The title track from “Be My Satellite” is really about coming to terms with who you are and what you look like, and deciding that how you look is not going to stop you from going for what you want. I think fat or thin or in between, everyone can relate to that.”

Golda plays most of her gigs with her husband/sideman Jeff on guitar, backup vocals and harmonica.

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